Life’s up’s and down’s.

Okay, this is my first blog ever and being that its so close to Valentines Day it will probably come up as reference sometimes. I don’t guarantee it but it might so just a warning. So what I really want to write about is how awesome and horrible it is living on a small farm being home schooled and crazy family can be. Being that I live on a farm and my family is crazy in an awesome way. Sure my family can drive me nuts but that what they’re supposed to do right? Living on a farm can be a blast. Though it would really be nice if the animals could clean up after themselves and fill their own water trough’s but you can’t have everything in life. I really enjoy it in the Spring and Summer even Fall but in Winter it sucks most of the time due to the cold and ice. But thats farm life. Being home schooled also has its ups and downs. The ups being you don’t have as much pressure and you don’t need to worry about peer pressure. The down is that where you would normally have 8 hours away from you’re parents your Mom or Dad is your teacher. In my case its my Mom (obviously im a teenager) so it can be hard to stay respectful sometimes because there is that dual role. So it can be hard but not dealing with drugs or porn or any of that is a HUGE plus. So like I said farming and home schooling both have their ups and downs as does life. I suppose this blog is really about life in general using farming and home schooling as examples. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed my first blog and hopefully they will get better if this post isn’t that good. Until the next post.

~ Michaela


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